Hello at Wolfi's easy & fun Fahrschule in Füssen and Steingaden. Driving lessons in English too.


Find out now with me in driving school !!!

Registration: during office hours, at any time by phone or under "Anmeldung" on this Homepage



- The driving school with one of the lowest failure rates

  through high-quality education and trainer

- Driving lessons in English too

- We educate conscientiously,responsibly and pedagogical principles

- We behave fair to our learner drivers

- We deal with our learner drivers appreciative

- For us, it is obligatory to follow training rules

- Seriousness, transparency and fairness, that meant by quality, especially in our training


Member of the Bavarian Association of driving instructors

Fahrschule Easy & Fun in Füssen | Luitpoldstr.2 | 87629 Füssen | Telefon: 0176 21899731 | Mail: fahrschule@easyandfun.de